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How do I select the right storage unit size?

Please reference our unit page for more details on what each unit size can hold.

Where are you located?

We have 2 locations to serve you better:

699 Bruham Ave Pembroke, Ontario, Canada  K8A 5A5
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454 T.V. Tower Road, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada  K8A 6W6
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If you have any trouble finding us in your GPS try “Laurentian Valley” as the town/city.

Can I rent for a month or does it have to be longer?

Minimum 1 month rental with signed contract for all unit sizes.

Are the units heated?


Do you have a trailer I can rent?

For a fee we will deliver our cargo trailer to your home so you can fill it with your items. We will pick it up when you’re ready to move into your unit.

Do you have outdoor storage?

Yes, for boats, cars, trailers etc.

Do you sell locks?


Are your units insured?

Yes, however the tenant must have content insurance for the items stored.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept E-transfers, cash, and cheques.

Do you have 24 hour access?


Do you require notice before moving out of a unit?

Yes, we require a 30-day notice when moving out.

Is there anything I cannot store in the unit?

Do not store any food items. Do not store toxins, flammable such as paint, oil, gasoline, guns and ammunition or propane tanks. Do not store anything of an illegal nature.

What is the best way to pack my belongings?

Label all sides of the boxes and make a reference list.  Disassemble items such as tables, bed frames etc. Wrap and label the pieces so it’s easier to reassemble them. Put hardware in bags and label them accordingly.  Wrap breakables in bubble wrap or plain paper (printed newsprint will smudge and mark your things).

We also recommend purchasing protectors for your mattresses and box springs. Plastic totes are preferred over cardboard for protecting your items.

How to I keep little critters out of my unit?

We suggest using bounce sheets around your unit. Please do not use mothballs.

Plastic covers for your mattresses and box springs will also help, as well as plastic tote bins for all items instead of cardboard.

Do your units come with wooden pallets?

Yes. Each unit come with wooden pallets to help protect your items from the floor.

Please leave these pallets behind upon moving out of a unit.

How do I prepare appliances for storage?

Make sure that freezers and refrigerators are defrosted, clean and dry as well as all other types of appliances. Keep the doors ajar to prevent mildew and store smaller items inside to utilize your space.

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